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What We Do

Creating Amazing Team Building Experiences

We are experts in organizing team events facilitating groups, corporate challenges, product launches, incentives and conferences from all over the world. We tailor-make your Bali experience through our diverse range of activities. From the Amazing Bali Race to our selection of outbound activities, all our programs encompass the sensational sights and culture Bali has to offer. Our programs are designed to stimulate and enhance a combination of essential attributes within your group but with the primary goal of having fun!

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Get away from it all in the Balinese Country side - with retreats that will take your breath away - discover the peace and beauty of Bali, with your team. Meetings surroundings that will inspire great conversation.

Team Building in Bali
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Team Building in Bali

The locations in Bali are sensational for team activities. Should you require outstanding team building, team bonding events for groups, corporate challenges, product launches, incentives and conferences, we are the most recommended company in Bali.

Team Building in Bali
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Selecting a Team Building program

Ask people what they think Team Building is and you get a wide variety of answers. Some feel that it’s getting better acquainted, others talk about building trust, still others say “bonding,” or learning how to solve problems as a group. And everyone agrees that there is an element of fun.

In reality, Team Building is all of the above and more. A good team building exercise creates positive interaction among a group of people, and in doing so enhances their ability to work effectively as a team when they return to the workplace. Interaction can be working together on a unique project (example: boat building and racing), playing games like a team Olympics, putting their heads together to solve a murder mystery, helping each other through a ropes course, playing paintball or flight simulation games in teams, camping, white water rafting; the possibilities are practically endless.

The Activities
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The Activities

Our Team Building activities can be launched from any conference venue or resort. Teams receive a themed briefing from our professional team activities coordinators.

Fun flowing Team Building to bond the team.
Improved Communication
Increased Cooperation
Leadership & Negotiation skills
Planning, Project & Time Management
Strategizing & Budgeting

Developing camaraderie & inter-personal relationships
A "Challenge-by-Choice" philosophy is utilized for all activities.
Participation according to ability
Optional winners Oscars/Trophies

The Activities
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