Amazing Bali Race

Bali amazing race is a fun introduction to Bali. In a playful way you will learn about the culture, customs and you will explore the beautiful areas of Bali while bonding with your team!

Ubud Spirit

This fun event begins with an ice breaker resulting in the formation of your teams. Discovering the back roads of Ubud leads us to several unique locations that awaken the senses… Ready, Set, GO! In the Amazing Race Ubud Spirit, competing teams navigate through a customized route to complete different challenges while exploring all the great things Ubud has to offer.



Extra information

Can be combined with shopping and dinner in Ubud

Rural Challenge

The Rural Challenge uses fun as a motivator towards team work and cross-cultural interaction. Starting from the hotel to the famous Tanah Lot temple, teams are immersed in a perfect slice of rural Bali. Far removed from the generic offerings in tourist brochures, they discover the true Bali spirit. The teams use delegation, analysing skills and problem solving skills to achieve the goals, progressing through a series of beautiful villages.




The Great Race Nusa Dua

The Great Race Nusa Dua is set in southern Bali near the five star hotels. With the same fun and problem solving activities, but combining a slice of modern Bali with a touch of the traditional, our program gets the teams racing through the Nusa Dua area. More modern than its rural cousin, the program even includes a Segway challenge! The groups face various challenges along the way through this beautiful area. The main focus on our that bond participants through the experience.


Nusa Dua


Facing Your Fears

A competitive race which incorporates the participants fears – as a Team Building and group collaboration. Each member of the group has to complete one of the objectives which can be adjusted according to the client. These will be based on merit, time and endurance.


Indoor – Outdoor