CSR is titled to aid an organization’s mission as well as a guide to what the company stands for and will uphold to its consumers. We will be visiting a school in what will be a day to power up Team Building at the same time as helping the community. Show your employees and clients how it’s done and use your Team Building event to really make a difference!

Beach Cleaning

5,000 Tonnes of trash is illegally dumped in Bali every day. The growing economy has spawned hundreds of new hotels and millions of tourists a year, but there has been little government interest in proving sustainable methods of waste disposal. Make a difference, and help to keep the beaches of this beautiful island clean!

Build a Bike

During this challenging program, the group will be split into teams and each team will build their own bike. The teams are given a few extra challenges in order to acquire the extra parts needed to complete their bikes. Bikes will be donated to a local Orphanage, which makes this great Team Building activity a great charity event as well. Team work for a beautiful cause!



Mangroves are home to a variety of birds species, so the planting of mangrove benefit the bird population. You will be given information about planting by Mangrove Bali Team. The participants will help the Mangrove Bali Team plant the seedlings during this fun and beneficial activity.

Tree Planting

The Tree Planting workshop can be situated within the park boundaries, or for larger groups near beaches. It involves first digging through rocky soil to create the holes, preparing compost (our guides will teach you), saplings from the park, and planting the trees.


Visit School

Choose to help the communities and children with our CSR school programmes. Your team will visit a local school and help with the painting, gardening or the sanitary facilities. Help the future generation with this great program!