Team Building cooking is a popular way to harmonize a group. When preparing a banquet, the kitchen must meet certain requirements. You need a leader to give orders and you need a team to work together to execute these. Communication is key! If the team does not communicate well during the cooking, the meal will probably not be finished in time. Cooking together is a great way to work on Team Building; it requires hard work and commitment of the entire team. This series really focuses on collaboration, creativity and planning, but most of all on the TASTE!

The Making of a Chef

Culinary experience and tough competition, just like the famous TV show! Our resident chef will introduce the basics of the cooking and concept compete for the ultimate title of Master Chef.


Chocolate Factory

The sweetest job in Team Building! Chocolate Factory is a Team Building event where your team will design and build a bridge or other themed structure using various candies and chocolate delicacies. It’s good for tactics, teamwork and fun.. but above all it’s sweet!


Cake Challenge

The groups will find Cake Challenge to be one of our sweetest and fun team building activities. It’s the perfect recipe for fostering camaraderie! There are two delicious parts to this event: a cake decorating challenge and the making of ice cream! All teams will choose their own theme that will be displayed on the cake and on the team’s apron.


Do It Yourself Gala Dinner

Today, everyone in your group will become a top chef in this savoury corporate team building event! They will feel like they’re on a TV Show when they break into teams and prepare for their DIY Gala Dinner. Walk down the red carpet and cook a five star meal for your own Gala Dinner!


The Cellar

Mmmm you have to spit it out? What a waste! Have you ever wondered just how wine tasting experts can pick up on a myriad of subtleties in a sip or two? Wine type, year and country can be determined with just one taste. Our sommelier will introduce the basics of wine tasting and the concept behind food selection with wine. He will demonstrate the various wines the teams will try. And of course, you don’t have to spit it out.


Cocktails Mixology

Guests will be treated to an unforgettable multi-sensory experience, beginning with a delicious cocktail and inspiring Team Building. Now you’re warmed up to enjoy the interactive cocktail games which follow, introduced by one of the Islands most experienced bar-tenders. These games provide a lot of fun combined with learning new skills.