Explore & Adventure

Our programs are challenging and engage all participanmts to support each other as a team, creating team spirit trying to create a competitive edge to other teams . They enhance friendships and respect, create communication. Teams solve problems and experience not only the culture but a memorable team outing with a foundation for trust and new relationships.

All Bali Terrain

28 Kilometres of track spectacular scenery, about 2 hours from the main stream Bali We will provide you with true Balinese activities. All Bali Terrain can be combined with rafting or Tubing. A fantastic trip to see the real Bali and create team spirit!


Amazing Race Series

The amazing race is a fun introduction to Bali. In a playful way you will learn about the culture, customs and you will explore the beautiful areas of Bali while bonding with your team!



The tours bring you to a part of Bali where you still can find old traditions alive. You will drive yourself with a specially designed off road car that copes with all kinds of terrain through an authentic part of Bali, passing rice fields, crossing jungle and driving through some Balinese kampongs (villages).


Bali Road Rally

A car rally presents participants with a fun, non-threatening opportunity to explore how communication, trust and interdependency work to improve the overall productivity of the team. The exercise is designed to facilitate individuals, who group, to build relationships while exploring Bali by car.



Max 30 pax

When it comes to camping, there is lots of teamwork required. Making the fire, setting up tents, cooking together, and so on. While we have a team to support, everybody is involved in the activities. It is perfect for team building and making new friends.



With many different locations for cycling there are many options.
All our trips include superior scenery, local stops and interaction with the locals.
From the mountain to the sea and everything in between, our cycling trips offer great memories and cultural experiences.
Trips can also be tailor made to suit your individual groups.
Trips we offer.

Beach : Nusa Dua area : Kuta to Canggu : Jatiluwah rice fields : Kintamani to Ubud : Around the Volcano : Cycle Bali


Hang Ten

The Bali Competition that everyone is talking about! On the most famous beach of all, KUTA, we learn why it’s cool to hang ten. There are many ways to catch a wave, you will learn it’s on a board. A company surfing competition will follow; let’s see who is the best surfer!


High Tree

Incorporating some inner fears of heights – teams work together to be the fastest team. Hitting targets from the Zip line and other small challenges create a competitive atmosphere. The course is set in a beautiful Balinese area. A fun and challenging activity that enhances teamwork, improves the ability to adjust in a changing environment and it boosts the team moral!



Playing Paintball is a great technique to enhance communication between co-workers. You need tactics, non-verbal communication and great team work. The benefits also include improved morality and management skills, the ability to tackle problems, understanding of work environment. It’s fun, challenging and effective!


Rope Courses

The Rope Courses & Sports activities are sorted to have different levels of competition, with the power and energy hidden inside each of us encouraged to come out! Can include rope courses, beach activities, climbing courses, games against schools, paint ball and rallies. These games are for the true team spirit adventurers!


White Water Rafting

In a sleepy village on the slopes of the Ayung river valley, we will be received by our facilitators. They will instruct the teams on the Team Building activities that will take place along the river. Paddle, splash and thrill to the rhythm of the paradise river! An adventurous spirit is needed on this spring feed tropical river. Fantastic natural scenery and carved wonders will amaze you along the river.