These programs generally revolve around activities that improve leadership, communication skills, planning, delegation and teamwork. Sport related activities or activities that involve group activities with problem solving elements. The groups must find a solution together as a team, they must vote to have a team leader and decide who will do different parts of the problem/game. They must work together, communicate and learn from each other to be successful.

Beach Olympics

Pass along the Olympic torch and perform your team chant! You can make it a cheer lead, song, Hakka or dance. Beach Olympics says sun, sand, seaside and fun! Picture colourful flags, sea creatures, sand castles and flippers; your Beach Olympics event will have it all. Teams will compete for points in various events. We can even supply the gold, silver and bronze medals!

Bumper Balls / Bubble Soccer

With up to 3,4,5 people per team, the rules have been slightly modified to ensure that people of all ages and fitness levels can take part and be competitive. After a briefing each player jumps inside a giant inflatable ball with only your legs dangling free to run around and bump into your opposition.
Fun, safe and full of laughs, Bubble Soccer can be set up at most outdoor parks and some indoor sports arenas.


Dragon Boats

Teamwork is key when you race dragon boats. Paddlers learn the art of syncing to make them glide as smooth as silk. See what your team is made of, when they race against each other on the water in your companies first Dragon Boat cup.

Go Karting

Focus is on encouraging team members to think through the various tasks. Only by forming sub-teams and working in parallel can the incredible creations be achieved. With a good understanding of the end goal, this complex project can be broken down to keep the whole team productive and efficient with everyone’s efforts being essential for a successful build.


Hang Ten

The Bali Competition that everyone is talking about! On the most famous beach of all, KUTA, we learn why it’s cool to hang ten. There are many ways to catch a wave, you will learn it’s on a board. A company surfing competition will follow; let’s see who is the best surfer!


Playing Paintball is a great technique to enhance communication between co-workers. You need tactics, non-verbal communication and great team work. The benefits also include improved morality and management skills, the ability to tackle problems, understanding of work environment. It’s fun, challenging and effective!


Rope Courses

The Rope Courses & Sports activities are sorted to have different levels of competition, with the power and energy hidden inside each of us encouraged to come out! Can include rope courses, beach activities, climbing courses, games against schools, paint ball and rallies. These games are for the true team spirit adventurers!

Soccer Tournaments

There are two brackets contested, Open/Competitive and 35 years plus. There are two brackets of eight teams that all play each other once in league. Play total seven games and depending on where you finish in league, play determines what Semi Final you will go into, these being The Bali Plate and The Bali Cup. All games are ten minutes with no half time.


White Water Rafting

In a sleepy village on the slopes of the Ayung river valley, we will be received by our facilitators. They will instruct the teams on the Team Building activities that will take place along the river. Paddle, splash and thrill to the rhythm of the paradise river! An adventurous spirit is needed on this spring feed tropical river. Fantastic natural scenery and carved wonders will amaze you along the river.