Build & Create

Unique and dynamic, designed to meet different objectives, our build and create programs incorporate challenges that are fun. All programs can be tailor made to have a CSR element, can be indoor or outdoor. Programs are made to motivate, develop communication for your group.

Balinese Kite Making

The planning, construction and building of a 3 meter kite takes group skills as concentration, strategy and communication that result in the euphoria of flying. The Balinese have been flying kites for years for religious, community and fun reasons. Now Bali is home to an international annual kite competition. Join the fun and fly your own kite!


Big Picture

A basic acrylic painting course is presented before the start of the activity. Planning is essential and teams will need to discuss and delegate the various aspects of the activity.
Delegates must work effectively both within groups and between groups in order to successfully put together ‘The Big Picture’.
At the end of the exercise the teams have the option of having the piece of art framed and it can then be mounted in the offices of the company. This event can be held outdoors or indoors at most venues.

Board Room Racing

The Board Room Racing Team Building program is one of our green events that encourages your group to get creative and competitive! While real racing crew’s tools of the trade like steel, electronics and the latest hardware, your teams will exercise true ingenuity when using their tools in order to complete their vehicle for the Board Room Racing.


Build a Bike

During this challenging program, the group will be split into teams and each team will build their own bike. The teams are given a few extra challenges in order to acquire the extra parts needed to complete their bikes. Bikes will be donated to a local Orphanage, which makes this great Team Building activity a great charity event as well. Team work for a beautiful cause!


Angry Bird Catapult is a fun, competitive program where teams use their creative brain power and problem solving skills to construct a working catapult which, when completed, will launch various objects for distance and accuracy.


Company Engineer

Making a Bridge program involves numerous sub-teams working together utilizing their project management skills and creative ingenuity. The ultimate goal is to build an actual bridge which has the strength and integrity so it is able to support the weight of an “elephant” (figuratively speaking).

Concept Car

Concept Car is all about crew and driver. Your group will be split up into smaller racing teams whose goal will be to build a custom concept car for a people-powered race. READY? SET! GO!


Everyone is a Kid

A rally race, helicopter flying; we all get to be kids for the day! The group will be divided into 3 teams, and they get the opportunity to show all their skills they developed during their childhood. We combine all these activities to find out who can get in touch with their inner child.

Game Show

Game Show is a real breakthrough in corporate Team Building activities. Its design keeps everyone involved throughout the event, regardless of group size. We’ve combined the best elements of the most popular game shows to create a frenzied test of your group’s knowledge of pop culture.


Graffiti You

On a selected wall in the local village your team will produce your Graffiti for the world to see. Our Graffiti artist will enlighten you on the techniques and styles and then… let’s paint!

The Hakka

This is an excellent and powerful conference filler! Our own all Blacks Team will teach the participants to use their inside power as an instrument of power and energy. As well as putting fear into their opponents, they will be recharged and be able to experience that power from within that only each individual can bring out – then with the rest of the conference participants together? Awesome!


Making a Movie / Baliwood

Lights, Camera Action!
Teams will make their own scripts and they will be taken to different locations for their movie. Costumes, cameras, changing rooms, makeup artist etc. will be supplied. A professional cameraman will teach them the basics, but they have to do everything themselves! Directing, acting, filming.. you will learn it all! But of course, this complete without a little competition. Who will win at the Oscars?

Mini Golf Course

Mini Golf Course is a fun, socially responsible team builder, requiring your group to design and create unique one-of-a-kind mini golf holes. Green “carpeting” is provided as the putting surface and canned goods, boxed goods, books, personal hygiene items and other building materials are provided to create bumpers, turns and special obstacle challenges.



Pipeline is a synergistic building game in which the teams rely on organizational communication to build a large marble delivery system with interconnected segments. Find out which team is best at communication, tactics and construction!

Table Games

We have developed games and construction for the meeting room. Conference fillers, pre-dinner competition and light construction projects. With any given criteria or time limitation, we can develop the right team element to suit your meeting!


Yoga – Body and Soul

Enlighten your body and feel alive! We live in a world where we experience stress every day; it’s time to get some rhythm back into our lives. Our instructors will teach you how to achieve inner peace. They give you Yoga for the body and fruit juice for the soul. No phones allowed during this program, just good karma!