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Change a kid’s life

A brief introduction to the Kolewa Foundation

Kolewa Foundation is an incredible foundation that helps Indonesian children in need. It is a private funded foundation that needs the help of businesses and volunteers in order to achieve their goals. You can contact them at

The aim of the foundation is to:

  • Renovate schools
  • Provide accommodation for children with a handicap
  • Help children with hearing impairment getting tested in Harmoni Hearing Centre
  • Provide hearing aid
  • Provide glasses
  • Provide children with special education, for instance at Swara Swari preschool
  • Educate parents about dealing with their child’s handicap
  • Help parents pay for their child’s surgery in case of cleft lip or open palate

Their objective is to help improve the situation of any Indonesian with a handicap who is living in isolation because of their disability. A great cause that needs our contribution!